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About Us

Tile Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Grout Cleaning in Perth for Kitchen and Bathrooms.

Grout Force is the top Tile & Grout Cleaning Company in Perth. We have been operating since 1999. Grout Force is Perth’s premier Tile & Grout Cleaning company. Our main priority is to provide a high standard service which inevitably results in our clients returning to us.

Our pressure washing & tile cleaning services offer bathroom tile and grout cleaning to pressure washing in all areas of your home. We are the Tile and Grout Cleaning specialist and can restore your old tiles and grout back to its original appearance. Our professional trained staff use the industry’s leading cleaning products and specialised equipment to achieve an unbelievable result leaving it clean and fresh.

About us Content

Grout Force is second to none when it comes to grout cleaning. Our product knowledge and different types of tiles enable us to achieve the best result for you. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products so you can rest assure it is safe for your children and pets. Bathroom Tiles & Kitchen Tiles should be professionally cleaned every 18 months to 2 years to clean grout and remove floor residue. It is necessary to protect, maintain, and preserve the tiles and keep them looking great, and for a hygienic environment. We target the toughest cleaning areas in your home and workplace, including calcium build up, soap scum and stained grout lines, bringing tiles back to new.